Broken Heart

•November 18, 2008 • 1 Comment

I have lost a friend today. 😦
He was not of my age, still liked him as a friend. Ignored all the differences we had. After maintaining the friendship for three years being across continents, i finally lost it when I am just about 2km away from him.
why do friends have to go away? or is it me who is letting them go?
They are so much integral part your life for years and they just turn their back one day.
why do they hurt so much while going? say things to each other so that you hate each other for life.
Sometimes I wonder what made me like them in first place..
In last 4 years i have lost many friends;
few for misunderstandings
few for “the love”
few for overpossesiveness
Some do come back.. I am glad they did, I missed them so much.

“Never Go away friend
you made promises to be with me in life
through my happiness and sorrow
Now dont walk away”


I Even forgot!!!

•August 5, 2007 • Leave a Comment

I even forgot that I had a blog site .. hee hee ….
All the blog sites are blocked in office and by the time I come home I am too tired..
From now on will keep writing something.. I promise 🙂

Happy women’s day

•March 8, 2007 • 2 Comments

I really think god created a masterpiece when he created women.. This is not a biased statement, I am nt saying this because I am a woman..but I have to come to this conclusion after seeing both the worlds for all these days.. I knw most of men will disagree.. 🙂 but who cares.. we still rock!
Happy women’s day to all the wonderful women out there and also to me !

Mungaru male

•January 24, 2007 • 2 Comments

saw “mungaru male ” movie..
Still wondering why is it not yet raining ! 🙂

New year resolution

•January 12, 2007 • 3 Comments

Making themselves fit or getting into ‘Shape’…. most of the women I know have this as a resoultion this year.. including me …! I dont know how long I will have the enthu to continue it..
Though I am somewhat round in shape.. didnt ever put some serious effort to do something about getting fit.. Just hooked on to the belief “beauty lies in eyes of beholder ” , and thought why should I give a damn care for how I look.. ppl who really like me will like me however I am.. ..
Then what made me realize it was high time to do something?
I had been to a lee-sale recently and was so excited to buy jeans.. and when I asked for my size the sales guy gave a wierd look and said we dont have jeans of that size…:(
Wait.. please dont imagine that I am that round.. but in that sale the jeans I liked was of a size lower than mine.. Uff
It was then I decided.. somehow I have to make myself fit ..and maybe I can say I was tired of too many comments also..
So from next day starts our wierd diet plan..One more thing which added was that my roomie also thinks that she is overweight.. even though she is about 10kg less than me. 😉 So I had got a very good company for my new venture..
The first thing we could do was eat little less fat food.. .. That simply means I had to cutdown on all my fav things.. choc, icecream, sweets.. and finally even coffee.. !! huh.. Sometimes I wonder why couldnt choc be all fat free and yet tasty.. !
So wish me luck ppl.. and support me if I lose track.. I think I am weighing 100gm less now 🙂
I dont want to have the same new year resoultion next year..

Happy New year

•December 29, 2006 • 2 Comments

Another year just went by.. so many things happened in my life.. I can say life just took a turn 🙂
Hoping that coming year will also be the same way
And for all the people I love .. lots of luck & happiness … 😛

My first post

•December 7, 2006 • 7 Comments

🙂 I finally created my blog page.. and here am I writing my first post..
But still I am wondering what I am going to write here.. 😉